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Eviction Delay Experts

Our Services Can Help You if:

You are a homeowner who has lost your home due to foreclosure

You are a tenant of a property owner who is in foreclosure

You have received a Three Day Notice to Quit or Vacate

You have received summons of an Unlawful Detainer action

You are a tenant under a rental or lease agreement

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What exactly is eviction delay?

Whether you’re a homeowner and your home was sold at auction, or you are a renter who has been battling with an unreasonable landlord. You will know that you are being evicted when you are mailed a “3 day notice”. If you are a tenant that is the optimal time to get us started on your delay. If you are a homeowner whose house went to sale the optimal time for us to start is right after your home was sold to a third party or reverted back to the beneficiary. This process is a process which requires a “receive and respond” mentality. The trick is to respond properly at the last possible moment and to respond with requests (which must be honored under California tenant rights laws*) which drag the process out.

We can typically delay someones eviction 6-8 months*, (there is no subscription time requirement, you can cancel at any time), it may be less time if a private 3rd party buys the house, or more time if it reverts back to the bank. The eviction delay is a complex process, please fill out the information request above, or call your specialist direct at 1-818-253-4641 to get all the answers you are looking for. If you have just lost your home via foreclosure, DO NOT WAIT TO CALL. CALL IMMEDIATELY AS THE CLOCK IS TICKING TO RESPOND!

Here’s What They Are Saying About Our Services:

  • “I was at my wits end in dealing with my property. I had just started a new company, finance was tight, and my property was set to be sold at an auction sale by Recontrust Company who handles foreclosure sales for Bank Of America. I received a cold call from Gary Denham who informed me that he could delay my auction sale for a while and buy me some time to figure out a better solution for my problem than letting my beautiful property go to foreclosure. I asked a friend of mine what he thought about Gary’s offer and was a bit hesitant after I found out that a lot of these “delay” companies achieve their delays through title transfers and some weird bankruptcy actions. Gary insisted that his company was not like that and that they did everything by the book. This was back in May/June of 2012. We are now in October. I have almost completed my short sale (with an AMAZING broker that Gary referred me to out of Orange County) and have not had my property sold at any of the auction dates which the bank attempted to foreclose on. Gary did not charge me a dime up front, but only after he got my sale date postponed. My only complaint is that Gary had mentioned that typically, once in a short sale negotiation, his services were generally no longer needed except in rare cases. My property fell into that “rare” category. I think it is fair to say that my complaint is not so much directed at Gary, but rather the situation. Nonetheless, he has always delivered, my property is still in my possession and looking back, his company has done absolutely everything by the book, and, more importantly, has done EVERYTHING they said they would do. I would definitely recommend his services to anybody who is in the same situation that I was in!”
    Definitely Recommend! – Lisa W.
  • “Thank you Postponement Services. With less than 72 hours before my home was to be sold on the steps of the courthouse, Postponement Services stepped in to help. Gary Denham was polite and took extra time to explain the process and made me feel comfortable about the service to be provided. Additionally he made himself available after hours to insure things would be taken care of. Thank You Postponement Services!”
    Thank You Postponement Services! – Laney
  • “This letter along with the attachment states I wish to cancel my services with Postponement Services. I have reached an agreement with Ocwen to get a SAM loan modification. My house has been saved thanks to you and your incredible team. Thank you so much for coming into my life. I will be sending you referrals in the near future. God has blessed me with you and yours.”
    My house has been saved! – Michael A.
  • “Great news! We received the final HAMP loan modification agreement yesterday and signed and had it notarized and sent the package back via FedEx overnight. Wells Fargo confirmed with me this morning that they received the documents today and that our loan modification will become official within 7 to 10 days. We do not need the postponement services any longer. Also, I want to talk with you about this when I get a chance within the next few days. I have just a few questions for you. It’s been great working with you. We are so happy to be able to keep our house. Thanks so much for all your help!”
    Great News! – Byron R.

*The delay time is based off of past files. There is no guarantee on the maximum time an eviction can be delayed.

*We are not a law firm, we are specialist in the eviction process. We do not represent clients in a court of law.

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